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Waste Not

Earlier in the year, a lot of my sorority sisters and friends from college were sharing videos on social media of people who have managed to live an almost completely zero waste life. Watching these videos, I realized that I although I always say that I want to be environmentally conscious, I produce an awful lot of unnecessary garbage waste every day. I decided that I wanted to change that, but I acknowledged the fact that I was going to need to make small changes at first if I was ever going to keep up with them.

The first thing I did was buy my own travel mug for the copious amounts of coffee I drink a day. I was using it regularly for a while, and then one day just forgot. One day turned into two days, turned into months. Last week, I was joking with a coworker and they reminded me about my goal and helped me decide to try and get back on track with using my travel mug again.

The other small change I found that I could make was shopping with reusable bags. I bought my first one at…

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