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The Ideal Candidate

Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment. That's one of the biggest things in a sorority, and in life after college as well. There's a new chapter colonizing on my old campus, and it's made my friends and I discuss how we would handle things if we were in charge of a colonization. This is a list of some of the characteristics I would look for in the women I would want to recruit during colonization (or really any time in a sorority. Many even fit the type of person I would want to recruit for a company as well.)

1. Academics - In the collegiate world this would literally entail things like major, GPA, etc. Most NPC Sororities now have a minimum GPA requirement of 2.5. If I were to perform colonization interviews, though, I would take that one step further. I would ask how intensive each candidate feels their major is if they've declared one or how intense their classes are so far in any case. (Are you a heavy science major with a lot of labs and a huge time commitment, or…

What's a srat girl without her frat guy?

So with Valentine's Day having just passed, love is in the air. This post is dedicated to the question I got asked throughout college. "Why don't you ever date 'frat boys'"?

Well, my answer is simple. 
And comes in two parts. 

1. Most of the time in college I had my sights set on only one guy (my boyfriend) who I've known forever. And no he wasn't (and isn't) Greek. 
Scandalous I know.

2. For the rare periods of time that I was single and ready to mingle, I had some rules. First of all, I was over dating 'boys'. High School 
was over, and I'd raised my standards 
with my age. 
    Now, I didn't have anything against guys in fraternities; I just wasn't about to date anyone that acted like a child (fraternity or not). I had grown up, I'd seen the way I felt guys were supposed to act towards their women, and I wasn't going to settle for anything less.
    There were guys that I found worthy, but for the most part I tried to point o…

WCW: JLaw Edition

Once you get to know me you learn one very important fact: I have the biggest woman crush on Jennifer Lawrence. For so, so many reasons. 

1. We would totally be friends in real life. In fact, I would totally try to recruit her into my sorority. Then I'd want her in my fam. Actually, she kind of reminds me of my big.

2. She makes awkward cool. I'm not always the most put together person. I like to make funny faces, and I sometimes say things at the exact wrong time. I once talked to a girl during recruitment about how I had 'chimpanzee hands'. (My hands are really tiny, and my thumbs are kinda short). Luckily, she still thought I was pretty cool (or so my little tells me). Good news is: JLaw can be really inappropriate at times too. And she makes it okay.

3. Girl knows how to eat. 
    (This is where this post gets serious.) In High School I suffered from anorexia nervosa. There was a lot going on in my life at the time, and I think it was in part lashing out and in part tr…

In the beginning...

With Formal Recruitment reaching it's close at my alma mater, so many memories are coming back yet again. What better way to start a sorority blog than with the story of how I joined my sorority. Enjoy!

 I remember going through Recruitment not that long ago. Just a couple of years really. I remember being really nervous and stressed out. Thinking ‘what if they don’t like me?’ ‘What if I say something stupid?’ ‘What if I have a bad hair day?’ ‘What am I going to wear??’ It felt like the first day of High School all over again. Only worse.       My High School was pretty small. 200 to 300 kids per grade, and within each grade everyone knew each other. We’d all grown up together. For the most part we’d all been in the same school since 6th grade. Coming to a big school like Rutgers was a huge transition for me.       College to me was a brand new start. A start that had one real requirement: join a sorority. I’d known even when I was a little girl that I wanted to join a sorority. I wa…