The Ideal Candidate

Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment. That's one of the biggest things in a sorority, and in life after college as well. There's a new chapter colonizing on my old campus, and it's made my friends and I discuss how we would handle things if we were in charge of a colonization. This is a list of some of the characteristics I would look for in the women I would want to recruit during colonization (or really any time in a sorority. Many even fit the type of person I would want to recruit for a company as well.)

1. Academics - In the collegiate world this would literally entail things like major, GPA, etc. Most NPC Sororities now have a minimum GPA requirement of 2.5. If I were to perform colonization interviews, though, I would take that one step further. I would ask how intensive each candidate feels their major is if they've declared one or how intense their classes are so far in any case. (Are you a heavy science major with a lot of labs and a huge time commitment, or are you studying the liberal arts that are more reading and writing intensive. And how do you personally feel your strengths lie within your studies.) I would then look to recruit from the women I interviewed: ladies with different majors, different strengths and weaknesses, but that could help each other out, and make a well rounded group.

2. Extracurriculars - When looking for women to take over the future of the chapter, I would want women that were involved in a variety of different activities. This is how you get out there and meet new people, that you'll potentially want to recruit in the future. If you only ever hang out in the same circles, you'll never broaden your pool of potential new members, and you'll miss out on many PNMs that may be perfect fits for your chapter. 

3. Personality - Now this is a very broad category, and perhaps the most important. Basically, I would want to see how the women that met the above criteria mesh together. I would want to make sure that their personalities meld well together, and that their hearts are in the right place.

4. Leadership Potential - This kind of goes hand in hand with personality, but deserves it's own category. I would want women that would want to run for positions in the chapter and Greek community, are good role models for younger women, and would look out for each other. All of which I consider essential qualities in a leader.

5. Growth - I would want women that see room for growth and improvement in themselves and everything they do. The ideal candidates would strive to be their ideal selves.

There are of course many other factors that come in to finding someone that is the perfect fit for your organization, but I feel that these 5 may be some of the most important, at least in my personal opinion.


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