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The Prologue of Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities is a description of Bid Day. This description is the most absurd thing I've ever heard of. My school did not do Bid Day this way. If there are schools that DO do Bid Day this way, I'm disgusted, and the National Panhellenic Conference should probably go in to investigate. As well as those school's getting new Greek Life Advisors. Our Dean of Fraternity/Sorority Affairs would never have stood for such behavior.

The Bid Day described in Pledged begins with every Potential New Member dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt sitting on their Bid Cards in an auditorium waiting to find out what house they got into. Or if they got into one at all. (This part isn't too farfetched for me. Though my school had some differences.)

1. We didn't require a uniform. 
2. If you didn't receive a bid to any house for whatever reason, we let you know in advance. We weren't going to ask you to come all the way out, just to have your heart broken publicly. 

Pledged then goes on the describe a 'Pig's Run'. During this, all of the women who have received a bid to a house must run down a couple of blocked off streets to the sorority house that they've received a bid to; all the while getting sprayed with hoses by fraternity boys until their t-shirts are soaked and completely see-through. (This is where the Bid Day description of Pledged becomes the most absurd thing I've ever heard)

1. We absolutely never had a 'Pig's Run'. In fact, if the fraternities tried to even cat-call the New Members then they got in trouble with the Inter-Fraternity Council and Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. My school believed in respecting the women that became a part of our organizations.
2. The fact that they blocked off streets and the police were present during this 'Pig's Run' would never happen at my school. The fraternity men would likely all be arrested for behavior like that.
3. We picked our New Members up at the student center after they received their Bid Cards. The Pi Chi's from our chapter (Panhellenic Recruitment Councilors) would either walk back with the New Members or we would drive to go pick them up. 

I've heard many sisters describe Bid Day as their favorite experience as a New Member. It's the first time that they get to truly call themselves a part of the sisterhood, the first time they get to wear the sorority's letters, and the first time they feel really relaxed and at home. In fact, many of the women I know in sororities describe the feeling of walking through the door on Bid Day as 'Coming Home'; they've found the family that will be there for them through everything for the rest of their college experience and beyond. 


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