Pledged - Drugs, Alcohol, and Sex - Part 3

I apologize that this post has been a long time coming. Truthfully, it's a tricky topic to write about since it's such a difficult and complex topic in life. There is so much to say about the topic, and figuring out exactly what I wanted to condense into one blog post has been difficult.

Additionally, I have had a lot going on in my life and writing has taken a back seat. However, I now find that it is time once again to begin writing.

We have already covered drugs and alcohol, so now it's time to cover the most difficult topic: sex.

Pledged discusses how many of the women interviewed found themselves in situations that were out of their control, situations that made them uncomfortable. In some cases they were made to feel that they could not come forward about what happened to them for fear of retaliation from the people they called their friends.

Unfortunately, many women around the globe find themselves in uncomfortable sexual situations which they cannot control. This is not Greek Life specific. And contrary to popular belief, not all fraternity men disrespect women in these ways. Not all men, period, disrespect women in these ways. In fact, many of the fraternity men I know are good upstanding gentlemen that would never stand for such inappropriate behavior.

However, there are, unfortunately, those that would in this world. Therefore, here are some simple tips I have found that helped me avoid uncomfortable situations in college.

1. Before going out, lay down some ground rules with the friends you are going with. For example, if you arrive together, you leave together.
2. Don't split up. Always make sure you have at least one friend with you to have your back. And you have hers.
3. Don't accept any drink you didn't see poured.
4. Trust your older sisters and your instincts.
5. Get to know the men you will be partying with outside of just parties.
6. Know your limits and don't push past them.

I've found that these are generally good guidelines in life, not just Greek Life. There are likely many more tips and ideas that work in different regions and schools so always keep in mind where you are, what you're doing, and what you want.

Finally, if you do end up finding yourself or a friend in an uncomfortable situation, speak up. Only by speaking up can you help, and prevent it from happening again.


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