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Fake Friends

I have spent so much time of my life wasted on fake friends. The problem is, I rarely realize they're fake friends until I've already spent months or years of love and effort on these relationships only to watch them fail. Then, when these relationships fail, I spend far too long missing these people who were never truly my friends to begin with. This has made it harder for me to form connections and put in the effort from fear that new friends will be fake as well, but I'm working on it. Here are some examples that I've discovered are fake friends.

The Friends That Are Only There In The Good Times

When everything is going right in your life these friends are right there with you celebrating. However, when times get tough, and you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to drink wine, eat ice cream and pizza with, these friends are suddenly nowhere to be found. These friends are still fun, and you may not want to cut all ties with them, but know that they will never be your besties.

The Friends That Can't Be There In the Good Times

These are the friends that don't know how to be happy for you. They may try, but you can tell they're faking it, and they may try to bring you down. When you're feeling down, these friends may seem like the best people to be around. They'll gladly be your shoulder to cry on. Please know this is fake. They feel better about themselves by feeling bad for you. My advice is drop these friends; they're not healthy for you.

The Friends That Want To Compete With You

These friends may seem okay at first. They're there for you in both the good times and the bad. A little competition may even be healthy, but you'll soon realize these friends take it too far. If you have a good experience, they'll want to tell you about a better one. If you have a bad experience, they'll want to tell you about a worse one. Fun fact: their stories may not even be true; they just want to one up you. If they can't come up with a story to make themselves sound better, they'll come up with a story to make you sound worse. These are also the friends most likely to hit on your boyfriend or girlfriend. They want your partner because he or she is yours, and they want to prove that your partner finds them more attractive than you. If your partner is good for you, he or she won't fall for this or give the fake friend the time of day. If your partner does, drop them, and the fake friend while you're at it. These relationships are definitely not healthy for you.

These are my top three examples of fake friends. I'm sure there are plenty more. If you have one in mind you think I should discuss, leave me a note in the comments.

Disclaimer: all three of these friend types are not a large part of my life anymore, but I still think about them all the time. Sometimes I miss them, and I need to remind myself why we aren't friends anymore.

If you think you may be a fake friend, there's still time to change. If you think you may have some fake friends, you may want to reeavaulate those relationships.


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