What's a srat girl without her frat guy?

So with Valentine's Day having just passed, love is in the air. This post is dedicated to the question I got asked throughout college. "Why don't you ever date 'frat boys'"?

Well, my answer is simple. 
And comes in two parts. 

1. Most of the time in college 
I had my sights set on only one guy (my boyfriend) who I've known forever. And no he wasn't (and isn't) Greek. 
Scandalous I know.

2. For the rare periods of time that 
I was single and ready to mingle, I had some rules. First of all, I was over dating 'boys'. High School 
was over, and I'd raised my standards 
with my age. 
    Now, I didn't have anything against guys in fraternities; I just wasn't about to date anyone that acted like a child (fraternity or not). I had grown up, I'd seen the way I felt guys were supposed to act towards their women, and I wasn't going to settle for anything less.
    There were guys that I found worthy, but for the most part I tried to point out these 'fraternity men' to my sisters. I guess I just wasn't entirely ready for a new relationship (and I'm really happy with that decision now). 

I guess what I'm trying to say is: 
for sorority (and independent) women who, like me, are looking for something less casual in a guy, don't settle for a 'frat boy' when you can have a 'fraternity man'. 
And fraternity (and independent) guys, if you're looking for something less casual in a girl, act like the type of guy a girl would actually want to introduce to her sisters.

If you (guy or girl) are looking for something more casual though, by all means live your life and don't let anybody tell you differently.


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